Godfried’s Turing Sequencer

Godfried Alan Tourissaint

I couldn’t resist. I thought it would be nice – besides generating CVs and quantized Notes – having a Turing Sequencer at hand as an option for Godfrieds CV-Track.

Then it somehow got out of control, at least a bit, and it came out like this:

  • Shift Register with configurable length up to 32 Bits, content is lockable
  • DAC Register with configurable length up to 12 Bits
  • CV Output 0-5V independant of the DACs Register length
  • Polyrhthmic – as everything else
  • everything including the Shift Registers content is saved with Godfrieds Snapshot

Thinking about, maybe i should add an Direction Feature, so you can choose shifting the Shift Register either left to right or the other way round?

What do you think?