Triples Manual


Select which LFO you want to edit via the LFO Buttons. The corresponding green LFO LED indicates which LFO currently is selected.

Select which Parameter you want to edit via pushing the Encoder. Triples cycles through the Parameters Frequency, Phase, Waveform and Symmetry indicating with a yellow LED. If no Parameter LED is lit the LFO LEDs will blink according to the LFOs output.

Adjust the Parameter trough turnig the Encoder. The green Value LEDs will indicate where the Parameters position in the whole range. If the three middle LEDs are lit you hit exactly at the zero respective middle Value.

LFO1 – LFO3 Outputs deliver the corresponding LFOs signal from -8V to 8V.

SUM Ouput delivers a 1:1:1 Sum of all LFOs, also from -8V to 8V.

SYNC Output delivers A +8V 5mS Trigger Pulse on 0° Phase of the Master Clock – which also sets the LFO1 Frequency

SYNC Input accepts Trigger Pulses with a Threshold of 1,8V for syncronizing to external Triggers or reset the Master Clocks Phase.


Adjust the LFOs frequency to your like, ranging from 0,125 Hz to 50Hz

The SYNC Out will always follow LFO1s Frequency.

For a synced LFO (see below) this Parameter sets the Multiplier in regard to LFO1s Frequency. To indicate the Value LEDs are inverted and signal as follows:


You can adjust the Start phase Position of a LFO in respect to its Clock +- 180°. Bet use this feature with syncronized LFOs.

Phase = 0° means, the LFO will always start with a rising Voltage. You also can shift LFO1s phase in respect to the internal Master Clock separating the LFOs start from the SYNC out Pulse.

When reset by external Trigger each LFO will instantly start with at the set Phase position.


Select a Wavform for the LFO. Triples is capable of generating Triangular, Rectangular, Sinus-like, unique ZigZag Waveforms as well as constant Voltages.

All of these Waveform-Models can be morphed with the Symmetry Parameter


You can Morph each Wavform according to the table below.


One of the best things about Triples is, you can syncronize LFO2 and LFO3 to LFO1, simply by holding down LFO1s select button and then klicking on the desired LFOs select button.

To indicate syncronization all syncronized LFOs Select LED will be lit dimmed, if not selected.

By default the slave LFO will run exactly the same Frequency as LFO1 with exactly the same Phase. You can set a Multiplier selecting the slave LFOs Frequency Parameter. To indicate you select the Multiplier the Value LEDs will be inverted and show the Multiplier according to this table:

To free a LFO from syncronization just do the same as for enslaving once again.


Triples can be either Syncronized or Reset by external Trigger Pulses.

To enable external Triggers simply hold down the Encoder Button. The yellow Parameter LEDs will light up sequentially and if you release the Encoder Button the Sync LED will respond by either blinking green, red or nothing at all which means the following:


Triples will now adapt LFO1 Frequency (and thus the Frequency of all slaved LFOs) to the External Trigger Signal detected at the SYNC IN. 1 Trigger means 1 Period. It might take a few Triggers until Triples locks in perfectly. The SYNC LED will blink green for every recognized Trigger Pulse.


Triples will brute force reset all LFOs Phase to the set position as set by the Phase Parameter. The SYNC LED will blink red for every recognized Trigger Pulse.


Triples wil happily ignore whatever happens at the SYNC In and follows the internal high precision Clock.


Triples will remember its settings – if you remember it to remember.

To save a snapshot of all settings hold down the LFO3 Select Button, the yellow Parameter LEDs will light up sequentially. If you release the Button the snapshot will be saved.

When powered up, Triples will load this Snapshot and act accordingly.

The reason there is no AutoSave Feature is, it takes a few Microseconds to write to the Memory and during this time the Internal Clock is halted. And you would not like to get your Triples timing getting wonky during a Performance just to frequently save a Snapshot, would you?


If you want to update Triples Firmware you need to install the Teensy Loader app to your Computer, download the actual Firmware, unplug Triples from your Modulars Power Rail and connect the Teensy Microcontroller via USB to your Computer.

Then run the Teensy Installer to download the Firmware to the Teensy, and reinstall it in the oposite order.

You will find the links on Triples Ressource Page


Never connect USB and Modular Power Simultaneously to your Triples. This might severely damage everything what is connected to Triples via USB. We are not to be held responsible for anything that may happen if you do so.


After installing the Firmware it is a good idea to reset Triples to default Factory Settings. Simply hold down the Encoder during power up. Triples will indicate the Factory Reset Procedure with some Blinkenlights.

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