Triples is all about modulation with slow waves, commonly known as a Low Frequency Oscillator

As the name implies, Triples is 3 of them, each one with a wide range of Frequency and Wavforms.

All of the waveforms can be morphed: Triangle reaches from SawUp to SawDown, Rectangle from 1-99% pulsewitdh, Sine can be shaped from positve to negative asymmetry and for Triples unique ZigZag Waveform you have to see – and hear – for yourselves.

An internal Masterclock can be syncronized and reset by trigger pulses to an external clock and sets the pace for the separate trigger output and LFO1. You may shift the phase of LFO1 in respect to the master clock to your like.

LFO2 and LFO3 can be syncronized and phase shifted to LFO1 via a configurable multiplier/divider.

Additionally there is a sum output that provides a mixture of all the three LFOs – kind of an additive LFO.

To squeze all this into the tiny 6hp package Triples adapts the Waldorf-Style digital user interface scheme: via 3 LFO Buttons you can select and syncronize the LFOs. A single, high quality ALPS encoder selects and sets the desired parameter. 3 Rows of LEDs give you clear and instant Feedback about the LFO status, the actual Parameter and its Value.

For the Blinkenlight Fans there is the option to visualize the LFOs output and you also may use a LFO as highly precise constant Voltage source.

Triples will be available as full DIY kit in February 2021. As it requires soldering a SOIC chip it is not intended for Beginners. Well, at least not for the faint-hearted.

Have a look at Triples Manual here.

If you like to Preorder, you can make a deposit here.

You may also want to check Triples Ressources page with the Build Guide, Bill of Material and the actual version of the Firmware

Technical Data:

  • Triple LFO Module
  • Frequency 0,125 to 50 Hz
  • LFO 2+3 sync- and phase shiftable to LFO1
  • 4 morphable Waveform Models + Constant Voltage
  • 3 LFO + 1 Sum Outputs from -8V … +8V
  • separate +8V Trigger Pulse Output
  • fully protected Trigger Input, Threshold 1,8V
  • 6HP wide Eurorack Format
  • ??? from the +12V Rail and ??? mA from the -12V

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