Godfried is your conductor of everything in your patch that needs to be triggered or synced. Think of it as your master clock with integrated old school Run / Pause / Stop transport controls.


Derived from a high precision internal master clock, Godfried is truly polyrhythmic. Everything can be run in any usefull ratio to the master clock, so you are free to use a classic 4/4 or, say, a 13/7 ratio to your like. The master clock ranges from 30 BPM to 300 BPM with a resolution of 0.1 BPM.


Godfried has 6 trigger outputs, each one can be one of 5 different types as there are:

  • Command Generator- generates trigger and gate signals according to the transport controls
  • Arithmetic Clock Generator – generates any needed fraction or multiple of the master clock
  • XOX Sequencer – provides a 64 step trigger sequencer
  • EUC Sequencer – a full blown Euclidian Pattern Generator
  • CV Trigger Output – serves Triggers whenever the CV output changes

Additional there is a single CV output that also can be either

  • CV – a 64 step CV sequencer that outputs MIDI resolution compatible CV
  • Note – a 64 step V/Oct quantized sequencer
  • Turing – our take on the Turing Machine Sequencer with a 32 bit Shift Register and 12 Bit DAC register
  • Accumulator – generates synced CVs

The 2 “A” and “B” inputs can be configured to execute various transport commands, load memory snapshots or to syncronize the internal master clock to external triggers.


Everything (and we really mean everything) can be saved as a snapshot into one of the 64 non volatile memory slots. The last saved slot will be automatically loaded when powering up and for the forgetful the AutoSave feature saves automatically whenever the screensaver kicks in.


Because Gofried is just 6HP wide we put tremendous effort into the user interface design, making it fun to use despite the limited size.

Big, touchy Run and Stop Buttons accompanied by matching indicator LEDs act as classic transport controls and can be locked, so you dont accidentially disturb your performance.

Everything else is operated by a single encoder, an “Exit” button and a bright, crispy OLED display. A superflat menu system and live animated graphics wherever possivble provide clear visual feedback.

Speaking of live: no need to ever stop Godfried – everything can be edited while Godfried is running.


Godfried is designed to be DIY. Albeit there are some SMT parts its intermediate difficulty and can be built in one evening. There is nothing to calibrate but its no harm if you have a some tools to troubleshoot – just in case.

A full it contains everything you need to build a Godfried (expect solder, tools and experience), the provided Teensy 3.2 will comes tested, with the most recent Firmware installed.

If you dont want to solder yourselves contact us to have your personal Godfried assembled by a trusted builder.


Follow this link for more information and the Draft Version of the Manual


Godfried is available for a price of 159€. Depending on your location there might be 19%VAT added (EU Inhabitants) as well as Shipping costs.

Due to that ChipCrisis Godfries currently is onla available as fullb built Module for 259,- € excluding shipping. If you want to order you can make a Deposit via the PayPal link below, we’ll come back for the 2nd Part of the payment including shipping to you. Or just drop us a line via info (ät) dmachinery (dot) net for negotiation-

GodfriedModule fully custom built and tested.

This a a deposit for a fully custom built Godfried Module.



  • Clock ranges from 30 BPM to 300 BPM, 0,1BPM adjustable to 0,1 BPM
  • 6 trigger 0V / +8V outputs with adjustable trigger duration from 1 to 10 ms, 5 types of trigger generation
  • 1 CV output, 12 bit resolution, 0 to 4,85 V, 4 types of CV generation
  • 2 trigger inputs, threshold 1,8V, fully protected
  • 64 snapshot memory
  • 128×64 white OLED display
  • durable ALPS encoder + precision pushbuttons
  • 6hp wide, 26 mm deep
  • ??? mA from the +12V and ???mA from the -12V rail
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