We have a long history….

Our journey started 2011 with the XT Expansion for the famous Mutable Instruments Shruhti DIY Synthesizer.

2013 we began designing Eurorack Modules.

Then we got a bit distracted by Life, Universe and other things.

So here we are again.

Now we continue our journey where we left:

designing Eurorackmodules that have a clear duty, are easy to use and fun to build. Yes, they are all DIY.

They all have their own special twist and do things, others don’t or do it a different way following a unique approach.

Most of our Modules have a digital heart.

We don’t event try to emulate analog behavior, so we have no ancient “what you see is what you get because its one knob per funktion” paradigm.

Instead we are providing a clear optical feedback of what’s happening and a sleek streamlined user interface.

While highly configurable every important parameter is just a click away – no pesky menu diving. Promised.


  1. I was just curious if you still sell Shruthi xt kits and where I could order one. Your work is amazing and I’m very interested in learning more about synthesis and electronic.

    Thanks for your time!

    Joshua Vallejos

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