As some of you might have noticed im a bit of a sequencer guy. So here is a brief glimpse of what i am working at since last year…

seQtor is a Sector Sequencer. That means out of a sequence of up to 64 steps only a part – called sector – is played. So far, so boring, if you wouldnt have events to alter the sector.

Source of an event can be things like pushed buttons, trigger inputs or CVs, timers, positions within the sequence

Destination of an event can be a change of the sector, change of the direction, jumping around within the sector, change of the played step, transpositions, trigger outputs and whatever else i can squeeze in in the firmware. Anyone said Circlon Aux Events?

Sources are assigned to the destinations via an event matrix, where randomization can be applied.

To spice up everything (and for the ratcheting-afficionados) seQtor doesnt play triggers – you will have choose a MicroPattern for every single step that can trigger pulses or gates for every clock tick of the up to 24ppq. Ratchet that!

The current incarnation of seQtor is a 6HP Eurorack Module with Godfried’s known-as-good OLED / Encoder / Exitbutton UI, 2 additional Trigger Buttons and a multipurpose Edit Pot, CLK and RESET Input, auxiliary Trigger IN and OUT and a quantized CV OUT + TRIGGER OUT. It has 64 slots for MemorySnapshots and an internal CLK/RESET bus which can be powered by your Godfried.

Feel free to come up with suggestions and ask any question besides “when can i have one”.

By fcd72

Got hooked to Synth DIY by the marvelous Shruti-1, it got a bit degenerated thereafter.....

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