Godfried’s Turing Sequencer

Godfried Alan Tourissaint

I couldn’t resist. I thought it would be nice – besides generating CVs and quantized Notes – having a Turing Sequencer at hand as an option for Godfrieds CV-Track.

Then it somehow got out of control, at least a bit, and it came out like this:

  • Shift Register with configurable length up to 32 Bits, content is lockable
  • DAC Register with configurable length up to 12 Bits
  • CV Output 0-5V independant of the DACs Register length
  • Polyrhthmic – as everything else
  • everything including the Shift Registers content is saved with Godfrieds Snapshot

Thinking about, maybe i should add an Direction Feature, so you can choose shifting the Shift Register either left to right or the other way round?

What do you think?

By fcd72

Got hooked to Synth DIY by the marvelous Shruti-1, it got a bit degenerated thereafter.....

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